Why Do Gamblers Risk it All?

Once we speak about gaming, our modern minds are taken to the casino’s shiny lights, to the poker table and now also to our new slot machines. But have you ever asked where it all originated and why are we so encapsulated there as humans? In addition, there are some forms of gambling that have existed for thousands of years, and are still around today in similar forms. In ancient scripts and writings we can find references to gambling, and it was immensely popular in both ancient Rome and Greece, where simple gambling games were discovered. Find out more about how far back in our history blackjack goes in here at Slots Kid.

References are made to gambling in ancient China and Egypt and in world religions, with Islamic, Jewish and Buddhist texts documenting it. Most of us will be familiar with Jesus ‘ bible tale flipping through the temple tables! Gambling seems to go hand in hand with human history and human condition, but why are we so enticed by it? If you are a slots fan visit the best online casino in Malaysia for the latest online slots.

It has been suggested that we are playing so much in modern times because it is socially acceptable and readily available, but to say this is to over-simplify a period that has taken hold of mankind for thousands of years. One of the main aspects that we felt is leading to gambling is the idea of getting something for nothing. You have the opportunity to have a life-changing win for a minimal stake, and that’s something incredibly powerful. Check out some of our best slot casino games, if you’re looking to take a chance.

Different people of different ages and socio-economic backgrounds are going to be playing for a variety of reasons and motivations so there seems to be no simple answer to the question. Gambling preferences for instance can say a lot about an individual. Older players will tend to choose easy-to-mind activities, less stressful with less concentration commitment, which is why with that age group, bingo and slot machines are big winners.

Research has also found that men are seven and a half times more likely to develop a gambling problem than women do. So what makes men at greater risk of developing that addiction? Many say it’s down to the’ lad culture’ of today’s society in which’ lads’ prefer to go together to see many sorts of sport. Sports media is already very associated with the gambling industry and therefore lads are encouraged to play more while watching the sport. Spurred on by their gendered personality traits, men are struggling more responsibly with gambling.

This is because, stereotypically, in addition to being more impulsive, men display more macho traits which means they are more risk-takers than females. When it comes to betting, women tend to get more guarded. We find their gambling’s negative outcomes more, and gamble accordingly. As a result, women don’t typically get into as much financial difficulty as men do, and when they do, they don’t play more in an attempt to win it back.

The genders also have different choices for men who rely on power and planning for them preferring activities such as poker and other more skillful table games. On the other hand, the research suggests that women have a higher tenderness for chance-based games such as roulette over which there is no need to fret or schedule as the outcomes are completely random. Interestingly, men have been recorded transforming chance-based games into skill based in their own minds, placing relevance on some non-existent aspects of the game, perhaps in an attempt to take control. Studies have concluded that people can enjoy the slots as nobody can see when they lose, which they do not like.

Gambling produces a thrill or excitement close to any other drug. Family and friends of people with addictions to gambling frequently wonder why this person continues to play when it creates so much financial difficulty. Many people do not understand that gambling can be extremely addictive as it is with many other things. Most gamblers claim they don’t share the chance to win’ big money,’ but rather the excitement generated from something as simple as placing a bet.

When someone still plays despite losing money, they need to seek additional support, be it from the platform they are playing on, an online charity or a friend. This is the stage where gambling becomes an obsession and a person will probably enjoy it too much. When a person finds themselves in the role they believe they couldn’t stop playing, then they don’t play responsibly any more.

Responsible gaming is becoming increasingly important, and companies are currently implementing policies both online and in shops that have the simple goals of reaching those at risk of developing gambling issues. Underage gaming has also recently become a major issue, with 11-15-year-olds playing at a whopping 15%. This is even more shocking when you consider that most minors admit to using fruit machines, scratch cards and private bets.

The press likes going on and on about how bad is gambling and it always results in tragedy. They never really consider, however, that gambling has positive results, and that it can literally change lives for the better. It’s only a small minority of gamblers now dealing with problem gambling, and that’s getting better every single day. Sites such as ours now have policies in place that help identify those at risk of developing a gambling problem as well as preventing an increase in the number of underage gamblers. Okay, what are the positive aspects of gambling actually?

It is not just the players who can benefit from the gambling industry financially. The sector is a major contributor to the government because there are so many individuals who are gambling. It also has a positive effect on the country’s employment rates, as gaming companies have to hire workers. Citizens also travel long distances to casino sites like Macau and Las Vegas which means that gambling adds further to the wider economy.

It sounds obvious, but people are often so caught up in the possibility that you might waste your money that they forget you might actually win some money. Gambling should not, of course, be used as a way to earn a steady income, since the market is dependent on chance. But a dabble here and there for fun won’t make you bankrupt.

There’s this myth that covers the gaming idea that makes it shameful and disgusting. You can still lose money and have fun in a casino, betting shop or online, while doing so. There is a spirit of camaraderie among the gamblers that makes it so enjoyable.

There are measures that gambling companies can take to ensure their players ‘ safety including casinos and online domains. Sadly, violence can still exist but because of these steps, it is very unlikely.

These are all optimistic about gambling, of course, but we have to remember that there is still a chance of it as there is almost everything you could do with it. There’s also a stage where the experience’s negatives outweigh the described positive ones. That is when you should seek help as you may run the risk of developing a drug addiction. It is estimated there are 600,000 problem gamblers in the UK alone and only 1 percent receive treatment.

This is because it can be difficult to determine if a gambler does have a problem. That’s why monitoring your play is so vitally important that you can determine yourself whether you can stop or not. Self-exclusion can be one of the most popular forms of tackling problem gambling yourself, where you simply exclude yourself from gambling sites using your personal and bank details. A break is not enough sometimes, however, and you need to talk to someone.

Nowadays, as the awareness of the epidemic has increased, there are several places you can go to get treatment for a gambling addiction. Not only are more platforms more aware of the indicators that their players may have gambling problems, but they also donate to numerous charities and organizations that have been set up with the specific goal of solving gambling problems. GamCare, the Gambling Authority, and even the NHS are examples of such. When you like you are dealing with an addiction, you can go to these sites to find out more.

Gambling motives and our passion for it, as human beings, seem to change and evolve as the gambler becomes more extreme and based on the gambler’s individual characteristics too. Generally speaking, these motives will include looking for fun and entertainment, socializing, and of course the age-old desire for money and more. Whoever our passion for person gaming is, it seems set to stay for many years to come.