6 Most Helpful App Analytics Tools For Developers


These Apps Will Ease The Analytics Burden You’re Enduring


The mobile app development process can be an overwhelming, time consuming process. Even its maintenance can, oftentimes, give you headaches. In order to address issues and improve mobile app performance, conversions and engagement, you need to the help of some reliable tools.


  • Flurry (Free)

Platforms: iOS, Java ME, Android, Blackberry, Windows Phone

Flurry has its own drawbacks and benefits, just like any other mobile app analytics tool. Every mobile app can use classic dashboards, and create 10 customized ones. Crashes and errors may be difficult to identify, though.


  • App Annie (Paid/Free)

Platforms: Web, iOS, Amazon, Android, Windows, TvOS

App Annie is a market data and analytics tool that can help app developers to create better mobile apps. It provides both free and premium offers. With its Store Stats, you can sort the feedback and reviews of users. It’s now possible to check if your updates are performing well.


  • Apsalar (Custom Costs)

Platforms: Android, iOS

What do you think makes this app unique? Apsalar focus on enhancing ROI through campaigns. It can provide comprehensive analysis of all your marketing efforts. This tool can help you monitor data, but it is more focused on creating efficient ad campaigns.


  • Google Analytics for Mobile (Custom and Free)

Platforms: Android, iOS

This is one of the most reliable tools around. Through this effective Google platform, you can get reports, and monitor app crashes and speed.


  • Apple App Analytics (Free)

Platforms: iOS, tvOS

Apple first introduced its analytics tool back in 2015. It offers three primary data sets: sales data, usage data and app store data.



  • Inapptics (Free for up to 1,000 monthly active users / paid plans)

Platforms: Android, iOS

Do you want to analyze your users’ behavior? Then this tool is for you. Inapptics can aggregate user interaction events, and presents usage in the form of funnels, heatmaps and visual screen flows.



This basic list of app tools can be a good starting point. Find out which one supports your needs well. The more choices you have, the better pick you can make.