Interesting Facts About Rice That You Need To Know

Interesting Facts About Rice That You Need To Know

Rice is often easy to find, fairly inexpensive and can be eaten with a variety of dishes. But you probably didn’t know about some info about rice.

Seven Interesting Facts About Rice

1. Unless it is brown, rice can last for years. White rice, which is uncooked, can remain fresh and edible for 10 to 30 years in good stock. Uncooked brown rice, however, has a lifespan of just three to six months due to its bran coating that appears to oxidize during that time.
2. Shockingly, if not processed properly, rice will poison you. The uncooked rice spores in the surviving cooking appear to develop bacteria, which can eventually cause food poisoning, when cooked rice is left at room temperature.
3. Every white rice begins brown. You probably knew this already, but perhaps you didn’t. Every white rice is simply brown rice that has been removed and polished with bran.

4. Everything except Antarctica, rice grows. Rice is adaptable and easy to grow and almost anywhere can be grown. More than 3,000 grains are produced by a seed of rice.
5. The name Toyota and Honda actually come from rice. In reality, “bouncy rice field” is Toyota, and “key rice field” is Honda.
6. Rice has to produce a lot of water. Rice crops produce just 1 kg of rice using approximately 5.000 liters of water.
7. In reality, eating rice will make you much happier. Serotonins are produced in your brain by carbohydrates such as rice. Serotonin is a hormone that stimulates your mood and helps to reduce your appetite.


In a nutshell, rice is a very essential food to consume in your daily lives as it is one of the healthiest foods. It also gives you stamina, boosts your energy and can make your mood happier day by day.