Can You Attend Any Court Case in Malaysia?

So, you’re interested to know how a good law firm in Malaysia works. You’re asking yourself if there is a way for you to look at the different court cases in the said country. Well, you are actually allowed to watch live court trials as it is part of the law of the land.

According to Section 15 of the Court of Judicature Act of 1964, all court hearings, especially for criminal and civil cases, should be open to the public. This is especially true when it is advantageous for the public to know if justice was served or if it serves the best interest of all of the parties involved.

Basically, the law tells you that you are legally able to watch any court trial you are interested in. This makes for a very exciting proposition, given that actual trials are much more exciting to watch than those portrayed on TV.

Court Schedule

Well, the first thing that you can do to find out specific schedules would be to visit the official website of the Office of Chief Registrar Federal Court of Malaysia. From there, go to the ‘cause list’ option and then search through its extensive database for any hearings that could have potentially piqued your interest.

It is important for you to remember that the schedules that can be seen on the website are subject to change without prior notice due to unforeseen circumstances. In the event that such things happen, the court hearing may be postponed- either to a later time or a later date.

If you want to get the most up to date schedules, you can go to any court in Malaysia and look for the court trial schedules there.

Some Courts Are Not ‘Open’

Even though the law mandates that court trials can be seen by the public, there are certain exceptions to this rule. If the cases that are going to be tried involve sexual offenses or those that involve minors, then they are generally closed to the public. The only people who can enter are the parties that are involved in the case.

This is actually done as a way to protect the privacy of the minors and those who were sexually abused. This is further reinforced by Section 12, Article III of the Childs Act of 2001, where only the officers or members of the court are allowed inside (as well as the witnesses, guardians, or parents of the child or victim/s).

What Should You Wear in Court?

Here is a brief guideline:

  • Men should wear either a plain shirt or a white long sleeve coupled with a tie and dark-colored slacks. They are also advised to wear black formal shoes to go with the attire.
  • Women are advised to wear either plain long sleeve or white collared blouse with long skirts (that should be below the knee) that are paired with black formal shoes.

It is important to note that you are not allowed to wear informal clothing such as short pants or miniskirts, sunglasses, jeans, slippers, helmets, or any bright-colored clothing that is coupled with sparkling jewelry.

Baby Sleep Training – How to Mimic the Feeling of the Womb

For the whole start of their lives, babies are acclimated with one condition: the belly. It tends to be exceptionally bumping to come into another world with so many new boosts, and it can cause a sentiment of frailty in a child. The most ideal approach to help the child rest and tuck them in his/her sleeping baby clothes all the more soundly, make the change, and have a sense of security is to impersonate a portion of the sentiments of the belly.

Qualities of The Womb

So what does the belly have that your home doesn’t? We should consider the earth child knows about:
• Lots of background noise he’s utilized to a noisy domain, what with the outside commotions blending with the hints of the body’s apparatus
• Cramped quarters – he’s accustomed to existing in an extremely little space, where everything is near one another
• Feeling bolstered – he’s accustomed to being contacted and upheld on the sides and base of the belly, which makes a feeling of solace from being contacted
• Fetal position – he’s familiar with laying in the fetal position, with the arms and legs attracted up and near the body
As you read this, birth may appear to come as a consolation. To us, the belly doesn’t appear to be truly agreeable, yet to a child, it’s home. You can facilitate the change and help child rest by impersonating a portion of these characteristics

For what reason Does This Feeling Help Baby Sleep?

We’ve just discussed this, yet it’s sufficiently significant to state once more. Infants, even in the belly, are amazingly delicate to feelings and sentiments. Much the same as you, an infant doesn’t rest soundly if she’s not loose and having a sense of security.
It comes as a domino impact: if a child is restless or in some other manner sincerely agitated, she can’t unwind. When she can’t unwind, and you put her to bed and leave, she gets progressively irritated, which makes it take much longer to unwind. Until she unwinds, she can’t nod off, and crying follows.

Swaddle child

Swaddling child can enable her to unwind and settle down on the grounds that it emulates the lacking elbow room of the belly. Infants can be agitated by the free utilization of their arms and legs after birth, an inclination they didn’t have in the belly.
Also, coddles will in general yank a bit after nodding off and can wake themselves up or become surprised by these normal developments.
Swaddling child all the time is fine for the main month of life; from that point forward, an infant needs access to her arms and legs to grow appropriately. Notwithstanding, you can even now swaddle child for snoozes and evening time to support her rest.

So what is swaddling?

Swaddling is wrapping infant firmly in a cover to imitate the sentiment of the belly. Swaddling helps the infant to remember the security and minimized sentiment of the belly.

Step by step instructions to swaddle a child

1. Lay an infant cover on the floor and crease one corner into the inside around 6 inches
2. Lay child on her back on the cover, with her head at the collapsed down corner. The head ought to be off the cover so it’s free
3. Take the corner close to one side hand and destroy it crosswise over a child to one side, verifying it underneath the infant
4. Fold up the base of the cover towards child’s jaw, encasing infant’s feet
5. Take the corner close to the child’s correct hand and dismantle it crosswise over the infant to one side, verifying it underneath the infant

Significant hints

• Swaddle infant when she is full, clean, and dry. Swaddling is intended to be happy with, soothing knowledge for a child, and on the off chance that she is somehow or another disrupted, she will connect terrible recollections with swaddling.
• Don’t swaddle the infant when it is exceptionally hot. Shield child from overheating by not swaddling when it is exceptionally hot outside or when an infant is in a warm room. This is particularly significant when the child is resting, as overheating is a hazard factor for SIDS.
• Listen to the child so you know when she needs out. The infant will kick or squirm when she needs to be free, so focus on these activities. Give the child a chance to out in the event that you realize she is awkward, or the inclination can cause trouble and shield the infant from unwinding.
• Don’t swaddle the infant continually after the age of one month. She needs access to her appendages so as to grow accurately.

Activity Items:
• Find or purchase a child cover
• Practice swaddling a doll before endeavoring it on your live, squirming child
• Pay consideration regarding a child’s response to being swaddled and alter if fundamental