5 Easy Interior Design Tips to Help Transform Your Home

A couple of years after moving into your new and shiny house, it may be time for you to think about doing a home makeover. I mean, some of the things might have already lost their sheen and that some of the stuff in your house may need some fixing or repairs.

In today’s article, I will go over some easy interior design tips to help you transform your home.

Spend Some Money on Home Decors

One of the easiest things that you can do that will immediately have a great impact on your home is to decorate it. Buy some nice decorations that will surely give new life to your house.

For instance, you can think of getting your house a new paint job, buy quality furniture, use of colorful rugs or carpets, or even add some new artworks that can easily pique the interest of your guests just by looking at them.

Make It More Comfortable

As much as we want our house to look incredibly appealing, it is important that you also focus on comfort as well. After all, you do not want to be sitting on a pretty stiff couch, right?

If anything, you want to buy comfortable furniture and if its looks are not up to your standards, then you can accentuate that with the use of decorations like a colorful rug perhaps.

Get the Clutter Away

Gone are the days where we usually overpopulate our homes with useless decorations and anything in between. There is now a push for more minimalist designs where everything that you can see serves a definite purpose.

Now, you might be thinking about what decorations are for. Well, they serve the purpose of beautifying your house, so they will always be out there.

However, there might be some furniture that you no longer use or perhaps your walls need repainting. If that is the case, you want to spend some money to do the necessary repairs and overhaul, but for the most part, everything that should be placed in your house should have a specific and definite purpose.

Keep Things Clean

One of the reasons why you need to de-clutter your house is to make sure that everything looks clean. But, it should actually be clean as well. Dust off everything at least once a week and so some vacuum cleaning when needed.

Also, do not forget about your windows, drapes, plants, and the different nooks and crannies in your house because absolute cleanliness is a must if you want to wow your guests.

Don’t Be Afraid to Be Unique

Most people nowadays follow certain rules that are set by interior designers but the thing that common people should know is that interior designers actually do not follow a certain code. Their solutions are both practical and creative and although there are some rules to be followed, their creativity shows in the homes they create.

That being said, do not be afraid of putting your own personal touch in your house. This includes adding unique paintings, artworks, or even using some unconventional paint colors in some of your rooms as well. After all, it is your house and you should be the one to decide what’s best for you and your family.

5 Tips in Decorating a Home Office

Focus on good lighting.

Offices are known for their fluorescents and stark lighting. Of course, sufficient lighting can improve productivity, and make work a lot easier. As much as possible, use natural light. Remember, a well-light work place is a productive one. 

Make yourself at home.

Are you planning a grand office makeover? Your workplace is an extension of your apartment or house. It must feel and look the same. Decorate it with the same themes you have utilized in your home. Incorporate those items and accessories that you love. 

Stay organized.

Home offices can be really messy. How can you keep all the piles at bay? There are tons of  options available on the market that will can help you keep your space in top shape. However, before purchasing filing cabinets and organizers, you must learn how to organize first. 

Elevate your way of thinking.

Even a small home office can be socked with good decorations and organization solutions. Make the most out of the vertical square footage by hanging interesting art pieces, floating shelves or cabinets up the wall. Don’t be afraid to get out of your comfort zone, and explore lots of options.

Get rid of cord clutter.

Lots of offices at present accumulate lots of tech clutter. Sure, you need your printer and computer, but it doesn’t mean that you can also stare at all the tangled cables all day. Simply removing these cords can make your workplace feel bright and clean.

8 Landscape Design Tips and Trends

Spring implies it’s a great opportunity to venture outside — and presents the ideal chance to refresh your open-air space so you can completely submerge yourself in the moving toward warm-climate months.

We welcomed eight top landscape contractors and engineers to examine their preferred tips and patterns, extending from huge picture thoughts to littler subtleties, with the goal that you can be motivated to improve your terrace to appreciate throughout the entire season.

Bring the Indoors Out

“A significant number of our customers need to make the most of their homes – both inside and out – while not surrendering the agreeable highlights of the inside living spaces. Attentively planned lighting – both inside and outside – is a component that can loan a brilliant, warm atmosphere to space.

From social event around the glow of an outside chimney to rising a stair with inconspicuous downlights into a gleaming pool, to the show of an uplit planted urn, lighting configuration includes measurement and upgrades the customers capacity to make the most of their open-air living spaces with family and companions.” — Dan Gordon Landscape Architects

Make Comfortable Gathering and Entertaining Spaces

“Cooking and engaging are a major concentrate at this moment. Patterns that won’t leave style are seating courses of action that give welcoming spaces too little to enormous social affairs, chimneys and warmers to expand the seasons, and lighting to broaden the experience. Enrolling your inside decorator can help make the open-air living knowledge an augmentation of your inside.

Some different patterns we are seeing for the ideal outside space incorporate a full-administration kitchen and bar, alongside a relaxing region. This can be made significantly progressively complete with TV for survey games or sound to empower some moving or singing.

On the off chance that creepy crawlies are an issue where you live, a screened in patio or gazebo is an incredible choice. This likewise assists with insurance from the sun in the mid-year and includes a little warmth in the spring and fall.” — Frank Mariani, Mariani Landscape

Include Functional Kitchen and Bath Features

“Anticipating spring and open-air engaging? Get your bathing suit and stock the ice chest as you unwind poolside this season. You can expand your involvement with an outside kitchen including an icebox/ice creator, sink, and capacity cupboards. An open-air shower incorporated into your scene includes structure and capacity.” — Eric Greenblatt of Greenblott Design

Get Inspired by the Home’s Interior

“Much the same as an extraordinary house floor plan, an incredible greenhouse structure design streams and tells you the best way to travel through space just as hold you in a solid manner. We generally look to the inside architecture and structure for our greenhouse formats – the inside perspectives, the utilization of the rooms and at what time of day they are utilized, the hues and the furniture all must identify with the scene outside. 

Here we made contemporary eating and lounge room porches encompassing an inside greenhouse of designed stone and grass – this gave organized perspectives on hub lines from the house entryways and windows, upstairs and down.” — Janice Parker Landscape Architects

Warm up with Custom Fire Pits

“Custom flame pits have been a concentration for a large number of our activities of late. Customers love bringing within extravagances outside, and a flame pit can expand the day, season or night. With a basic ‘click’ of a catch, it has a great deal of amusement potential!” — Troy Sober of Gregory Lombardi Design 

Plant a Garden for the Kitchen

“With the expanded mindfulness and want for smart dieting, we have seen more demands for natural nurseries, potager plant enclosures and herb cultivate so crisp live nourishment is accessible from one’s very own nursery. Envisioned here is an herb greenhouse made for a customer close to the kitchen section to the house.

It is spread out as a parterre with the customer’s preferred culinary herbs planted between the example of the boxwood fences.” — Howard Design Studio

Get A Water Feature

“Water – regularly thought about the essential wellspring of beginning – as a plan component gives different impacts through its appearance of the development, sound, shading, it’s catches and twisting of light and its effect on temperature and arousing nature. Given its vitality and soul in either a thoughtful or consistently changing energetic nature — in the nursery its utilization and area is most appropriate near human connection, enabling it to merge with the faculties and move the soul.” — Stroudwater Design Group, Inc.

Liven up the Landscape through Hedges and Plantings

“I want to utilize reward focuses on the scene. Notice how the seat and flanking plum pleasure give an ‘outcry point.’ Matching the plants with the stone is principal to a perfect look, so I acquainted the scalloped fences with typifying the weightfulness of the block divider.

Obviously, the GG Gerbing Azaleas in an L-shape along with the plum pleasure couples with the magnificence of the etched yew to carry a warm feeling of home to the open-air space.” — Lanson B. Jones and Co.